About us

We are a young business company with a diverse activity portfolio. We pool several projects in the field of consultancy services, shopping, entertainment and leisure time. Our team consists of capable, educated and hardworking people for whom quality result and satisfaction of customers is the priority. We are united by our work but, first and foremost, by the joy it brings us.
What makes life interesting is the possibility to make your dreams come true
(Paolo Coelho)
TOMÁŠ LÁTAL Commercial director
& Co-owner
I have always dreamed of running my own business, managing my own world, inventing and implementing new projects and so I stepped out of my comfort zone and after 10 years of working in the commercial sector in the Czech Republic I set out for my own journey. I want to create something that will be meaningful in life, something that will make me truly useful and something I will look back to.
My family and garden is the main project in my private life. I clean my head from everyday worries through physical work and a freshly mown grass is my greatest joy :)
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I have always seen myself as a manager of a large strong company. It is nice to be backed by a strong corporation as it makes a lot of negotiations easier within business. However, it is not always possible to truly fulfill yourself. Sometimes, rusted processes of these companies suppress your creativity and the customer is not always on the first place.
For this reason I decided to realize my experience, ideas and thoughts in my own way so that our partners and customers are truly our partners and so that I can say I have done everything I could to make them happy.

I prefer spending my free time with my family and friends. For me, ideal form of relax is walking in the countryside, preferably with a golf club in my hand :-)
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We will direct you to your goal

Are you lost in your business? Trends are changing fast and you are no longer able to follow? Do you feel you no longer understand your customers? Do you need assistance with advertising? 

Contact us. We continuously follow the trends in the area of business strategy, marketing, education and thanks to that we will direct you to a successful goal. We will be glad to give you our experience in business in the Czech Republic and abroad and we will help you with starting your business.
Contact us and arrange a free of charge,
non-binding first consultation. 
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We just like wine 

Wine is a beverage accompanying our lives at various occasions. There are many colors, varieties, types and brands and we want to provide our customers with a possibility to taste the best wines from quality resources. We cooperate with large wine producers with good reputation as well as smaller family wine growers with a long tradition.  
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We enjoy playing golf

For us, golf is not just a competition or a tournament, for us, golf is a sport, an entertainment, it is a possibility to meet our friends. We will do everything to make sure golf tournaments are a true experience for you.  
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  • Are you taking up golf, are you an experienced player, or do you just wish to know what´s up with golf? 
  • Do you want to try playing golf with your family, friends or colleagues?
  • Are you planning an event for business partners?

More than just entertainment 

Are you looking for a meaningful entertainment for your children? You don´t want your children to just sit in front of TV but you want to provide them with entertainment that will also develop their skills? Pick from offer of circles those that will not only entertain your children but those that will also allow them to learn new things, develop their personalities and, last but not least, make new friends. The courses organized by us are designed for pre-school and school age children.
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Are you interested in our projects and do you think you will be interesting for us? Do you have idea that we can help you with? Contact us. We are still loooking for someone with energy ,new ideas , someone with similar point of view to join our team.

Send us mail: kariera@justpoint.cz